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Rooftop Compliance Audits

Various options for compliance with OSHA regulations exist including railings, rooftop anchors, the creation of protected work areas, and/or the relocation of equipment. Our compliance audit phase focuses on the assessment of fall hazards and developing the most cost-effective and user-friendly options for fall protection to reduce or eliminate each fall hazard.

These audits survey the compliance of OSHA 1910.66, 1926.502; ANSI Z359.1-2007, Z359.6-2009, I-14.1; and ASME A123.1.

  • BECS can develop fall protection solutions that reduce or eliminate the fall hazards that meet the current building codes, OSHA standards, as well as, the IWCA I-14.1 standard for window cleaning safety and rooftop access.   
  • ANSI/IWCA and OSHA Standards require that the new systems be load-tested and certified prior to use. BECS can load-test new and existing fall protection anchors and provide the required yearly inspection of the life safety systems.
  • OSHA also requires that any life safety systems provided by the owner be indicated on a plan of use for personnel accessing the work area to be properly notified of the intended purpose of and use of each portion of the system.  Where rooftops require fall protection anchorages, BECS can develop compliant use plans for posting at roof access points. 

BECS currently offers an AIA Continuing Education Presentation titled, "Working at Height - Fall Protection Policies and Regulations." To schedule a presentation at your office, contact KJ Rodgers.