Testing and Laboratory Services

Why test?

Many of our projects involve building types and structures with historical performance criteria that are known and with which BECS is familiar.

We are often able to postulate how a building will perform based upon this depth of knowledge and historic data. However, all structures are unique. Developing a maintenance and repair plan that will identify present failure mechanisms, scope of work, and a follow-up program to verify performance is essential for project success.


...that materials, products, and assembled systems meet applicable prescriptive and performance requirements.


...performance deficiencies ranging from a slow roof leak to structural collapse.

Field and Laboratory Testing

Through our in-house capabilities and nationwide network of specialty testing firms, BECS can design and execute a broad range of field and laboratory test programs.


...future performance via accelerated weathering and aging, chemical and microscopic analysis, and other techniques.


...alternate construction materials, products, and systems. Let us be your consumer’s guide to the built environment.

Building Envelope

  • ASTM E1105 Water spray
  • AAMA 501.2 Nozzle
  • AAMA 503 Water Spray
  • ASTM C1601 Masonry water penetration
  • RILEM 11.4 Masonry water penetration
  • Infrared Thermography
  • In-situ mockup repairs and testing
  • ANSI I 14.1 Roof Anchor Certification
  • GPR | impulse radar

Materials and Products

  • Concrete sampling and coring
  • Petrographic analysis
  • Depth of carbonation
  • Chloride ion content
  • Air entrainment
  • Compressive strength, Schmidt Hammer, and Windsor Probe
  • ASTM C-67 Masonry analysis
  • Cyclic freezing
  • Mortar analysis
  • Customized comparative product studies

Flooring and Coatings

  • ASTM F2170 Slab relative humidity
  • ASTM F1869 Moisture vapor emission
  • Surface moisture meter
  • ASTM D4263 plastic sheet moisture test
  • ASTM D4541 Adhesion
  • Mechanical sounding
  • ICRI Surface preparation assessment
  • Dry film and wet film coating thickness


  • Load Testing
  • Crack monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring

Water Testing a Building for leaks